Audit Pro

A division of the Citra Global Consulting Group that provides Audit consulting services, we have broad access to meet your needs to handle audit issues that are in your company.

Our Services

Financial Audit

We provide financial audit consulting services such as general audits and special audits.

HR Audit

We provide consultation for HR audits, where human resource (HR) audits are a comprehensive assessment and analysis of audit programs.

Management & ISO Audit

Helping stakeholders to identify business entities or organizations, our services include GCG (Good Corporate Governance), Performance Audit and ISO Audit.

Technology and Information Audit

We provide consulting services in Information Systems Audit, IT Governance Audit. and Audit of the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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Citra Global Consulting Group

Citra Global Consulting Group first provided tax consulting services in 2013. With the spirit of “Opportunity in Numbers”.

  1. We do our best to assist our clients in achieving their goals effectively and efficiently,
  2. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients through our innovative solutions,
  3. Comprehensive information about the rules & practice of conducting audits and creative ideas,
  4. We are dedicated to providing first class services to our local and international clients, to ensure that our clients can face the challenges of the growing business environment in Indonesia, which is marked by rapid changes in economic and legal regulations including in the area of auditing and taxation.

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Projects that we run

Our Services

General Audit

General Audit

We examine financial statements based on the Professional Standards of Public Accountants (SPAP) with the aim of providing an opinion on the reasonableness of the financial statements in the form of an “Independent Auditor Report” to ensure that the Financial Accounting Standards (SAK).

Audit Complience

Performance Audit

We provide performance audit consultations which are a systematic process for obtaining and evaluating objectively evidence of an organization’s performance, functions, programs, and activities.

Due Dilligance

Information Systems Audit

We provide consulting services for auditing companies that process accounting data, which generally use the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) system.

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Why Us?

Advantages of Audit Pro

Why use our services as a solution to your company / agency’s audit problems? There are several benefits to the company if you use our services as a solution to the problems regarding your company’s financial and tax statements, including the following:

Legality Aspect

Citra Global Consulting Group has an official legal umbrella that is recognized by the government and related associations.

Quality Standards Aspect

Have a quality control system established by the relevant association as a control tool in maintaining the quality of our work quality.


Led and managed by state-registered auditors who maintain their competence and professionalism.

Integrity Aspect

Citra Global Consulting Group (Audit Pro) upholds the code of ethics and professional standards set by the relevant association in providing services to clients / service users.

Supervision and Guidance Aspects

Fostered and supervised by the government and related associations in order to increase the professionalism and compliance of the Auditor.

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