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The following audit services we offer.

Information and Technology Audit

Peran kontrol dan audit teknologi informasi (TI) menjadi semakin krusial dari hari ke hari. Audit TI terkait dengan proses menghimpun kebutuhan teknologi informasi dan mengevaluasi infrastruktur TI. Audit TI memastikan bahwa mekanisme sistem informasi yang berjalan, tetap berada di koridor integritas. Perusahaan perlu memastikan kehandalan dan keamanan dari sistem TI yang akan digunakan. Sistem TI juga harus mampu memenuhi kebutuhan proses kerja, mampu mengurangi resiko data di sabotasi, kehilangan data, gangguan layanan dan manajemen yang buruk dari sistem TI. Kami menyediakan beberapa layanan audit TI  dibawah ini:

Information Systems Audit

We examine companies that process accounting data, generally using an Electronic Data Processing (EDP) system.

Information Technology (IT) Management Audit

We provide IT Governance implementation and audit consulting services using the COBIT framework.

Information Security Management System Audit (ISMS)

We serve ISMS / ISMS audits using standards or frameworks such as: ISO 27001 or Cybersecurity Framework.

Financial Audit

Financial audit or financial statement audit is an assessment or evaluation of an entity (organization, company, or institution) so as to produce opinions or opinions that are independent from third parties about financial statements that are accurate, complete, relevant, fair, and certainly in accordance with accounting principles and applicable rules. Audit of financial statements has the objective, namely to obtain confidence that the financial statements presented by companies, organizations, and institutions are prepared through applicable accounting principles and standards. The financial statements must also present the company’s actual financial condition at the reporting date and management performance for the period.

General Audit

General Audit

We examine financial statements based on the Professional Standards of Public Accountants (SPAP) with the aim of providing an opinion on the reasonableness of the financial statements in the form of an “Independent Auditor Report” to ensure that the Financial Accounting Standards (SAK).

Management Audit

Management Audit

We serve an examination of the operations of a company. includes accounting policies and operational management policies that have been determined, with the aim to find out which operations are carried out effectively and efficiently.

Special Audit

Special Audit

Special report is a limited audit report that is the scope and purpose of the audit including audit reports on institutions that do not aim for profit.


Agreed Upon Procedures

Agreed Upon Procedures

Inspection services based on agreed procedures, namely services in which the accountant is assigned by the client to publish reports on findings based on specific procedures carried out on certain items, accounts, or items of a financial statement.

Audit Investigasi

Investigation Audit

An investigative audit is a series of activities recognizing, identifying and testing the facts and information available to uncover the actual events in the context of proof in order to support the legal process for alleged irregularities that can harm an entity’s finances.

Pemeriksaan Lainnya

Other Inspections

Other inspection services such as tax audits, customs audits, and environmental audits.

Human Resources Audit

Human Resources Audit (HR) is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of audit programs. HR audits are also interpreted as examining the overall quality of Human Resources activities in a department, division or company, in the sense of evaluating the activities in a company by focusing on increasing or improving HR in the company.

Human Resources Audit

Our Human Resources (HR) Audit is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of audit programs. We conduct an overall quality inspection of Human Resources activities in a department, division or company, in the sense of evaluating HR activities within the company.


Job Analysis

Audit services Job Analysis is a data / information gathering activity concerning a position / job to determine the job description and job / job requirements.

Management & ISO Audit

Layanan Kami - audit manajemen

GCG (Good Corporate Governance)

Good Corporate governance is a system or way in which an organization is managed and directed. The implementation of good corporate governance in a company will influence the strategic policies and the way the company carries out its business practices.

Audit Kinerja

Performance Audit

A performance audit is a systematic process to obtain and evaluate evidence objectively of an organization’s performance, functions, programs, and activities. Evaluation on performance audits is carried out on the level of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in achieving the targets set.

Layanan Kami - Audit ISO

ISO Audit

Elaborative and synergic assistance to clients until passing certification and conducting Internal Audit, in understanding: Latest ISO 9001 standards, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025, ISO 22001, ISO 27001, ISO 37000, ISO 31001, TS 16949 etc. .

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